Mission and ABSL values

ABSL's mission is to develop the potential of the modern business services sector and create conditions for its continued growth. Our aim is to build competitive and sustainable ecosystem that creates new, valuable jobs, helps to responsibly grow business and investment as well as driving knowledge-sharing, education, innovation, public advocacy and communication.

ABSL Switzerland is keen to promote and develop best practices on the management and supervision of shared services and outsourcing arrangements.

ABSL Switzerland will focus on building expert competences, know-how and relationships between decision-makers to operate effectively. Learning from the experience of our colleagues in ABSL International we will strive for alignment with regulatory requests in banking and pharmaceutical industries and strengthen the macroeconomic and sectoral expertise.

ABSL Switzerland will engage with the partners to:

  • Identify common issues, challenges and solutions for Swiss based companies managing remote operations
  • Facilitate knowledge sharing and best practise amongst participants
  • Drive market insights and intelligence e.g. surveys of key players / benchmarking in association with other chapters and organizations
  • Provide access to ABSL events, conferences, chapters and reports
  • Support and guide companies with operations / service providers in CEE